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Carbon Graphite Bush Bore Grinding

Carbon graphite bushes are used in pump shafts as bearings, providing self-lubrication. Graphite provides higher running life (lower wear) due to its much lower coefficient of friction than metals & bronzes.

The solution required MGT to overcome the biggest obstacles while clamping of the Graphite Bush due to its brittle nature & yet to achieve the CTQ-Critical to Quality- parameters. The innovation lies in designing specialised tooling wherein force used for clamping is balanced. Hence, zero damage to the ground bush is ensured while maintaining CTQ roundness and size accuracies. Even after de-clamping from the grinding machine, it maintains its achieved accuracies.

MGT worked towards engineering and developing suitable work holding for such precision Graphite Bush Bearings and achieved a higher level of accuracies plus low cycle time, suitable for high production and economical grinding cost per part.


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