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Case Study: Grinding Replaces Hard-Turning of Crown Wheels to Eliminate Poor Quality & Rejections


Crown wheel is a crucial component in all commercial vehicles and it is one of the most stress-prone parts of a heavy-vehicle. Volvo Commercial Vehicles Limited (VE Commercial),
a joint venture between the $106 billion Volvo Group worldwide and Eicher motors Ltd., manufactures automotive products across 5 divisions in India.

VE Commercial was facing rejection of Crown Wheels since they were being manufactured by the hard part turning process.

VE Commercial’s Challenge:

  • Crown wheels produced had defects such as flatness, inaccurate surface finish and poor tolerance
  • Heavy investments of efforts and expenditure incurred in detailed inspection of all the parts produced & rejections were resulting in high cost due to poor quality.

MGT’s Solution:

  • MGT accepted the challenge of producing these critical drive-train parts demanding highest-quality, first-time-right from the machine without high inspection costs & rejections.
    Hard turning was replaced by MGT’s precision grinding solution to overcome this challenge.
  • Designers at MGT developed an indigenous CNC Universal grinding machine – IG 150U SPM for bore and face grinding to address the requirements of VE Commercial.
  • The Crown Wheels manufactured on MGT’s IG 150U SPM matched VE Commercial’s CTQ requirements of 10-micron flatness on an 80 mm long radial ground face reducing the rejection rate significantly.

Results achieved by IG 150U SPM

Result Achieved
MachineIG 150U SPM
OperationBore & Face grinding
Stock Removal0.3 mm on ID & 0.15mm on face
Flatness on front face0.01 mm
Surface Roughness0.6 µm Ra on Face
0.4 µm Ra in Bore
Face run out wrt to bore0.01 mm

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