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Choose PLUTO-18, MGT’s smallest size CNC Grinder and save valuable space

Introducing PLUTO-18, the latest compact, economical and high-performance production CNC Grinder from Micromatic Grinding.

‘PLUTO-18’, a compact, economical and high-performance production CNC grinder.

  • Are you using hydraulic or manual grinding machines for producing accurate parts in medium to large batch sizes?
  • Is finding and retaining skilled grinding operators a constant challenge you face?
  • Are you constantly thinking of making more space on the shop floor to accommodate more machines?

It is time you consider MGT’s new compact production CNC Grinder, the PLUTO-18.

PLUTO-18 was specially designed focusing on compactness, high-performance and for providing an economical grinding solution.

PLUTO-18 is best suited to produce highly accurate small components. It can perform both plunge and traverse grinding operations. The effective guarding design makes it TPM friendly and its standard configuration makes it adaptable for factory automation too.

Few features of PLUTO-18

  • Suitable for mass production of shaft type components
  • Wheel O.D. 400 mm max. and width 50 mm with 3.7 kw Motor power
  • Available with straight and angular wheel head options
  • Maximum work piece diameter up to 50 mm and grinding length up to 180 mm
  • User friendly human machine interface (HMI)
  • Rigid Anti-friction wheel head for better geometrical accuracies
  • Integrated table for higher rigidity
  • Machine with full guarding

PLUTO 18 measures only 1.66 m (W) X 2.2 m (D), which helps you save nearly 30% space compared to the footprint of a similar hydraulic grinder.

With PLUTO-18 you will also be able to increase your production by 30% – 40% without the need of a highly skilled operator. Its customized user-friendly graphics screen helps any operator run the machine within 4 hours of training.

For more information and for the product catalog please email us on sales@micromaticgrinding.com


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