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Make appropriate use of through-coolant machine centers

Make use of MGT’s through-coolant machine centers while working on heavy components for better heat dissipation and to reduce rejects.

Through-coolant machine centers engineered to meet the needs of special applications.

While working on heavy weight components like crankshafts, camshafts, etc. appropriate provision for coolant to reach the inner area of the cylindrical component is a must. It helps in dissipating the heat generated due to the large contact length / area while grinding such components.

To achieve the required accuracy in the component, you should consider through-coolant machine centers that provide both an easy entry and an easy exit of the coolant.

Special Machine Center with through coolant provisionStandard Machine Center without through coolant provision

In a through-coolant machine center, coolant is supplied to the interior portion of the component via the inlet provided. In addition, external serrations are provided along the outer periphery for easy exit of coolant. ensures that there is no coolant clogging while simultaneously reducing the heat build-up. This helps in trouble free heavy-duty grinding.
While through-coolant machine centers have a variety of applications, they are not recommended for components with an interrupted design. For applications involving interruptions, the usage of standard machine centers with external coolant provision & lesser clamping force is recommended.

Standard Component Centers with interruption

Standard Component Centers without interruption

To know more about Micromatic Grinding’s ‘Through-Coolant Machine Centers’ and for custom technical solutions to address your challenges while grinding heavy components, please email us on sales@micromaticgrinding.com


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