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Reusing packing material, MGT’s sustainability initiative

At Micromatic Grinding we take ‘Environmental Sustainability’ seriously. We are proud to have taken the first step towards a brighter and greener future.

MGT’s Green Supply Chain Management initiative – Reusing packing material.

Operating within a highly competitive milieu means that enterprises are under constant pressure to increase productivity and register rapid growth. However, amidst growing concerns about the environment, manufacturing organizations must take concerted action to reduce indiscriminate use of non-renewable resources across every facet of the business.

The supply chain constitutes a vital aspect of the business and has a large impact on the environment. Proactive organizations are now realizing the importance of adopting Green Supply Chain Management to not just reduce their carbon footprint, but also to differentiate from competition, add value to their brand, reduce costs in the long run, and ensure a sustainable future for the business.

As a concept, Green Supply Chain Management is all about delivering products and services from suppliers and manufacturers to end customers, while ensuring to keep the interests of the environment by adopting sustainable practices through material, information and cash flows across every stage and stakeholder in the chain.

Micromatic Grinding Technologies (MGT), India’s premier manufacturer of grinding machines, put this philosophy into practice with a special initiative.

Typically, grinding machines that roll out of the manufacturing facilities of MGT are shipped to customers by using wooden pallets and crates for packing. MGT adopted a collaborative approach to Green Supply Chain Management by asking customers to return the packing material, thereby enabling reuse of the wooden crates. This reverse logistics ensures a significant reduction in wood consumption, saves trees and goes a long way in encouraging sustainable practices within the supply chain. While this collaborative program will serve as a big boost to safeguard the environment, it also makes good business sense by enabling optimal utilization of packing materials.

Following the success of the pilot run with our esteemed customer ‘Srinivas Induction Hardening’, Belgaum, MGT plans to extend the initiative to all its customers. Customers who collaboratively participate will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution, which enhances their credentials with regards to environment related audits.

Micromatic Grinding Technologies is part of the Ace Micromatic Group. As India’s Largest Machine Tool Group, Ace Micromatic Group has always remained steadfast in its commitment to the environment. This initiative is yet another step to ensure a greener future for the planet.


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