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The New Grinding Edge: Non-Round Profile/Contour

Non-Round Grinding (NRG) is not anymore about the capability alone to grind polygonal or eccentric profiles or custom-designed free-forms; the need is now about the enhanced precision-productivity-cum-efficiency.

MGT’s leading technology has established many such highly developed grinders as a trailblazer for NRG with various combinations of advancements amalgamated. One such combination of technologies involves –

  • Direct-driven work head for improved stiffness at express rates
  • Hydrostatic slide for prompt, fast-moving and buoyant infeed
  • Hydrostatic spindle for high speed grinding and enhanced load capacity
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for automated part program generation with features –
    • Path-planning for any given custom profile, including profile definition and analysis
    • Choice of grinding modes and feed optimization for efficient grinding methodology
    • Direct in-process communication with the controller of the machine

Specifications of a Standard Non-Round Grinder*:

  • Admit between Centres: 630 mm
  • Center Height: 160 mm
  • Maximum Weight between Centres: 150 kg
  • Work Speed: 1 – 500 rpm
  • Wheel Speed: Ranging from 45 – 80 mps
  • Suitable for both cBN or conventional wheels

*Customization available as per the application requirement

Sample Applications

Polygon profile (Spindle)


Rectangular (Punches)


Cam shafts (Automobiles)


Internal NRG profile

To know more about the NRG Machine, email us at sales@micromaticgrinding.com


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